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Montjoye (Eastern Townships of Quebec) - 2/14/04


New member
Dec 22, 2003
Date Skied: 2/14/04

Resort: Montjoye, North Hatley, QC

Conditions: Packed powder, loose powder, loose granular, some scratchies. Temperature 10 degrees F. (above 0)

Trip Report:
We went night skiing here. I think this is one of the best places for night skiing that I have been to. Pleanty of lights. In my opinion Montjoye is a Canadian version of Ski Sundown. It has the same feel to it in the trails. The difference is that Montjoye has only 3 lifts. One newer Poma Quad to the summit, one Hall T-bar to the summit and a handle tow for the beginner area. The lodge also looks to be newer than Sundown’s. I do not know how old Montejoye is, but if I was to guess I would say it either was built in the mid 1980’s due to trail width and the infrastructure or overhauled in the 80’s. It is kind of unusual for me to see this type of Poma Quad at a smaller area. Perhaps this was at one time an all T-bar area... Only the Quad was in use on Saturday night. If you like nice wide cruising trails, the trails to the right of the quad are the ones. Trail number 6 on their map was bumped up nicely. My snow blade popped off and I had to make my way across to the T-bar track to snap it on. Thank God for leashes on these things. This T-bar looks like it would be a challenge to ride like Mont Shefford’s T-bars. Overall another greaat evening of skiing in the Eastern Townships. Here is their site: