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Mount Snow - 11.25.2020


Active member
Feb 1, 2007
Acton, Massachusetts, United States
Date: 11/25/2020

Resort: Mount Snow, Dover VT

Conditions: Overcast, Machine Made Pandemic Snow

Report: First day out for the season and like last year I kicked it off up at Snow. Was fortunate to be 4th chair after arriving by 7:45. Not much of a crowd at first; although, it started to pick up though. The snow makers, once again, did a great job getting the coverage down - especially with the warm weather we had. With the pandemic, you had to book in advance, and wear a mask. Was glad to see people were conforming with the mask policy, especially with rising COVID numbers nationally. I am hopeful that we can make it through the entire season this year, but will take any day on the snow - given the current state of affairs.

Some photos from the day.



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