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Mount Sunapee, 11-25 and 11-26


Mar 25, 2013
I finally made it out this weekend for day one and two. I used my Max Pass to ski at Mount Sunapee both days, an easy 55 mile drive from home. Only eight skiers on Saturday and seven on Sunday made it to first chair. The place was surprisingly empty both days, maybe 300 on Saturday and 200 on Sunday. There were two choices from the top, they met into one run to the bottom. The machine groomed coverage was very good from top to bottom and edge to edge. On Saturday the snow was nice, smooth and got softer as it got warmer and the sun came out. On Sunday it was colder and more firm and it even snowed a little too. About 1,500 feet of vertical is reached by taking the 6 minute ride on the high speed quad to the summit. There’s a fanatic view to the west into Vermont, and of course the famous view of Lake Sunapee. I got a feeling that the mountain skis a little bigger than it is. The two trails that were opened are well laid out over some decent terrain.

The main lodge is really nice and the staff was friendly. I had breakfast cooked to order both days and was happy with the meals. One complaint is the only place to get water (other than $2 bottle water) is downstairs at a single water fountain that spouted warm water. There’s no bar in the main lodge, so I headed over to Goose Feathers at the old lodge and had a Fat Tire Belgian Ale for après ski. The bar tender was genially very nice and happy to be back at it for another season. While I drank my beer I had my skis tuned for $35 dollars in the building next to the old lodge. On the way home I stopped at a place called Bubba’s in Newbury for a Bloody Mary.

I’ve been working six to seven days a week all fall and have done little exercise other than physical therapy for my back and knees. I was worried about my worn out joints and pathetic lower spine crooked and twisted as a cork screw. I took it easy, took a long break and only skied 12 runs each day. The fairly easy terrain at Mount Sunapee was a good place for me to start this year and my worn out body parts don’t hurt and I’m feeling really good after finally getting some exercise.

I’ve seen Mount Sunapee a thousand times from the highway, but had never skied there. I added it to the list of ski areas that I’ve skied, which is now at 66. I have 3 days left to ski there on my Max Pass, so I’ll return when the entire mountain is open.


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Dec 1, 2016
Western Mass
Thanks for the report, the view looks great. Can’t wait to check this place out with my Max Pass, never been there before.