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Mount Sunapee 3/4/17


Jan 26, 2013
Medford MA & Grantham NH
Skied Sunapee on a voucher from 8-11:30 am. Mostly blue skies with a snow squall in the middle of the morning. Basically stupid cold out with windchill but that meant mountain was much less busy than the lodges. No pictures since I didn't want to take my mitten off. No lines at all. I think I only rode up with someone once. My spouse was supposed to go but said no after seeing the forecast. Nice thing though if you buy your tickets through Sunapee's website directly they let you rebook them once.

Everything open was firm with a combo of loose frozen granular and some new man made mixed in. They are making a good amount of snow but the trails with active snowmaking were not open. Sunbowl coverage was still holding up, some of the front trails though were rough and closed for badly needed snowmaking (Skyway Ledges, Bonanza, Westside). Where bumps had been under the triple and Sunbowl express during my last visit glaciers were present today.

Overall they are putting up a good fight. Guns were blazing but with the wind I am not sure how much was landing on the trails. I always find that Sunapee is near the top for grooming and snowmaking. The fact that conditions were on the rough side is just an indication of how tough the last week has been. My guess is that if they were not making snow their trail count would drop noticeably with the next warm up. Key routes are fairing better but plenty of ice showing through by late morning. The top part of Bonanza looked really rough.

Despite the temps I was glad I got out for a bit. It wasn't worth fighting the cold all day though. Sunbowl trails were enjoyable early on and Eggbeater was good off the triple though certainly firm. I will be back next weekend to use my last Pico voucher and for my spouse to use their prepaid ticket. I am hoping for above freezing temps to loosen everything up.
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