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Mount Tecumseh, NH: 06.01.02


New member
Jul 10, 2001
Ashland, NH
Date Hiked: 06.01.02

Trails Hiked: Mt. Tecumseh, Sosman, Various Ski Slopes

Total Distance: 5 Miles

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Conditions: Mostly Dry with Damp Spots

Special Required Equipment: Bug Spray

Trip Report: I ascended Mt. Tecumseh Trail from parking lot quickly, gaining the summit in under 1:45 hours, despite a lengthy break at the Ski Area View Point about halfway up. Stream crossings were no problem, bugs were heavy only during the middle third of the ascent and descent. Occasional blow downs near the summit on both Mt. Tecumseh and Sosman Trail, nothing too tough to get over. Trail was slightly damp in places due to rain the day before, other than that, mostly dry.

Mt. Tecumseh Trail from the Ski Area is a fairly boring trail, I wish I had opted for ascent from Tripoli Road instead (I will next time). I descended via the ski trails to break up the monotany of a round triper on My. Tecumseh Trail, and also to take in some views. 2163 Vertical Feet in approximately 3:45 hours with four moderate breaks for snacks and views along the way.

Best views on the mountain are from halfway down the Sosman Trail. Summit views are okay, you gotta peak between some trees. Definately side track to Sosman Trail if you do this hike. There's a nice bench with great views to the NW and E.

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