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MS Twin Forks (Long Island) Ride


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Mar 2, 2008
Lower Hudson Valley
I used to live near the the "bottom of the fork". And that's also where I was first introduced to serious road biking: the sort you go out for a day and crank out 50-100 miles in one shot kind of ride!

After moving west to live in NYC, I occasionally goes back to ride in the western part of the island. But the "two forks", especially Shelter Island, had been calling me every year...

So when I heard about the MS Twin Fork Ride 2 weeks ago, I immediately looked it up with a lot of anticipation: 150 miles in 2 days, with an overnight stay on Shelter Island!

Where do I sign?

It's a fund raiser. But not an impossible one at $250 minimum donation. When I called for some question, they immediately offered me a discount of my registration from $100 down to $75. Still not cheap. But with overnight stay and dinner + breakfast all included, it's really quite reasonable. And for a good cause too.

So much for the background. How's the ride? In one word, it's FABULOUS!!!

The weather helped A LOT! Saturday was bright and calm, and 70 degree was just perfect for riding. We started from Southampton and wind our way passed Riverhead and to the north fork. Rest stops were roughly every 12 miles, with lunch at the Norton Lighthouse, with beautiful panoramic views of Long Island Sound. After lunch, we headed out towards Orient Point, with a welcome stopover inside the Orient Point State Park, right at the tip of that long sand spit. Along the way, we saw the Cross Sound Ferry coming in, the two islands out east (Gardina & Plum?), and endless ocean!

Soft pedaled through the bustling village of Greenport on our way to the Shelter Island Ferry, some of us found it irresistable to get some ice cream! From the ferry landing, it's a short ride to "the camp" at the northwest corner of the island, right on the shore. (it's actually cabins we stayed in, not tents) It was only 3 when I got in. So after shower, I took up a strategic lawn chair by the beach and took a well deserved nap! :)

5 o'clock came and went. The gang de-camp to the nearby resturant for drinks and food (all included). Food was great, so were the commeraderie. There were only around 1/2 of the 300 riders who choose to stay overnight and ride both days. And a lot of them had done it before.

Saturday's route was only 68 miles. So the balance of the 150 had to be made up on Sunday! :( A short pedal from camp to the south ferry that took us to Sag Harbor, and our "real" pedal of the day finally started...

For those who hadn't biked the south fork, it was just "great"! If you like rolling hills, that is!!! ;) (I do) We "tour" a good deal of the out of way villages day tourist never go (Three Mile Harbar, Northwest Harbor, etc). Lovely tree-lined roads with little traffic (on a Sunday morning, granted), and a peek of the Montauk Lighthouse for those who hasn't been.

From the look of it, there're 1 volunteer helping out somewhere on the ride for every 2 riders! So support was impecable. Flat tires? A ride marshal or the SAG wagon will be along within 30 seconds! There're also a group of motorcyclist volunteers helpping to control traffic at key intersections. At the finish, we had to cross a busy intersection at Rt 27, a police car escorted each group of riders into the finish area, with lights flashing! (I bet the police driver enjoys that too :) )

Great ride, great cause. I plan to do it again next year!

(no pictures, too busy riding, napping and eating/drinking!)
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