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Mt Moosilauke, NH: 06.29.02


New member
Jul 10, 2001
Ashland, NH
Date(s) Hiked: 06.29.02
Trails(s) Hiked: Beaver Brook Trail, Benton Trail (RT)
Total Distance: 7.6 miles
Difficulty: Moderately Difficult
Conditions: Mostly dry, some wet and muddy places
Special Required Equipment: Lots of Water!

Trip Report: Beaver Brook Trail is heralded as a fairly steep ascent not for the faint of heart or novice hiker. Signs are posted at trailhead warning of the steep ascent and 'tricky when wet' conditions. After finding that the AMC's White Mountain Guide usually over rates difficulty on trails, I was surprised to find that the Beaver Brook Trail actually delivered.

The trail ascends steeply along a seemingly never ending series of mile long cascades. About half way up the cascades, the trail becomes especially steep and requires wooden stairs to ascend very wet, steep granite slabs. Hand rails are also placed in tricky places. The trail continues fairly steeply up very large and rugged rocks. After passing the Beaver Brook Shelter, the trail finally levels off a bit before making a trail juction with the Ridge trail (dunno the name...).

Trail turns sharly to the west after making ridge line, and goes through a series of up and downs. Low points in these up and downs were very muddy. Trail eventually reaches Benton trail for final ascent of Mount Moosilauke.

The summit was a zoo!!! After summiting, I descend about a hundred feet and took lunch and summit views sitting on the side of the Benton Trail, still above tree line. Bugs were not too bad on the ascent, but becoming a problem on the summit and descent. Summit views were fantastic!!!

The day was VERY hot, and my normal two Liters of water left something to be desired. I was forced to ration myself. Legs were VERY tired on the descent, and I was forced to descend the Beaver Brook Trail very slowly and with great patience, especially when the rocks were wet.

Great Hike! Probably wouldn't summit Moosilauke again from this trail, but the hike up the mile long Beaver Brook Trail itself would surely be worth many return trips!

Full Trail Report and Tons of Pictures HERE