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MTB pennwood 6/17


Industry Rep
Industry Rep
Aug 20, 2007
the long awaited first good ride in a long time.

from wintonbury, left at 5pm, took the joey climb out to the pond, up the paved path to lookout rock. dropped in on the fun down hill towards the main parking area and rode the paved path back up to look out, dropped in to the short roller coaster down hill back to the pond, back up the paved path to the usual "climb of suck" (except rode it down) and made it back to the car in just about an hour.


super good to be back out. the only catch being that after i got sweaty the shin / knee gaurds started to rub. no chaff, just the annoying squeeks. haha.

so, condition wise i'd say the trail was 95% dry. wicked good conditions. real fast. no tire slips on the climbs, which suprised me after almost 3 weeks of not riding. I STILL GOT IT BABY! like i said, suprising. no notable experiences on the climbs, i cheated. I didn't want to waste a good weather afternoon on being disappointed on my off road abilites, hence the cheats. but the down hills were fun! its amazing how fast you can get going in there. i almost maxed out the gears on the squishy bike a few times. maybe its cause i've done the section a few times now, but the rythem was real good. no misplaced sticks or rocks, just some good flow all the way down to the highway.

there were a lot of people out. families, soloists... place was jamming. good vibes on the trail. lots of smiles.

this turned out to be one of those solo trips that began by me leaving messages with what i thought were a lot of friends... they rode nepaug. bastards. towards the end i ran into 3 different groups of people who i know and would have loved to have riddin with, except i forgot to check in with them. oh well.

after the ride i had chores to do... boo. then i ate a plate of pasta the size of my dog. . . where is my dog?