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new pants help/advice


New member
Nov 25, 2020
Hey everyone,
I am in the market for some new pants. I am looking for something for the colder/coldest days, Northeast, resort/lift-served. I ski a mix of everything from groomers to trees and bumps. I usually run on the warmer/somewhat sweatier side. I am coming from a ~2005 Patagonia, don't remember the model. Tag says 100% nylon and Gore-Tex XCR. It's a 2 layer construction with a mesh liner. I wear a midweight base layer and have loved how these pants perform. I am usually warm enough and usually not too clammy. I have softshell pants for the warmer days.

Looking to hear people's experience with Gore Tex 2 layer, 3 layer and Pro or other WP/B membranes. I want at least similar performance to what I have now. I understand waterproof/breathable but don't have any practical experience with the various kinds. I am worried that the more breathable Pro, eVent or similar would be cold on the lift ride back up. Also if you have experience with the various face fabrics to add, that would be great too (for falls, ice, tree branches, etc). Hoping to get another 15 yrs out of it. ~15-20 days a year.

Right now looking at patagonia powder bowl vs powslayer.

Any thoughts, insight or advice is appreciated.