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Newfoundland May-June 2013


Jan 2, 2013
This isn't strictly about hiking, but we did quite a bit of it on a trip lasting between May 20th and June 6th. I, along with six other fellow college students and a professor, visited Newfoundland as part of a May Term Geology course. Starting in Maine, we drove all the way up to the Newfoundland ferry over the course of the first two days, with a few stops on the way. After spending the night on the ferry, we arrived at Newfoundland early the next morning. The first day was spent on the western side of the island, but then we crossed the island to the St. John's area. We did some short little hikes in the town of Saint Mary's and also in Mistaken Point Provincial Reserve. On another day, we did an hour long hike out to Flatrock.

After our time in the St. John's area, we moved westward and visited the Change Islands for three nights. The quaint little fishing village is an amazing place, but it is also very economically depressed because of the collapse of the cod industry. The population is currently around 200, but has previously been as high as 1,000. While there, we did some spectacular hikes, some on marked trails and others just along the coast. After leaving the Change Islands, we spent a day doing some short hikes around the Twillingate area.

For the final leg of the Newfoundland trip, we visited Gros Morne National Park which has plenty of hiking opportunities. On our first full day we hiked the mountain Gros Morne which was great, although we weren't allowed to summit because of nesting birds. On our second day, we did several shorter hikes including at Lobster Cove, Cow Head, and Green Point. On our third day, we visited Tablelands, making our own trail over barren rocks. The final day in Gros Morne was spent on the Green Gardens hike which has some spectacular coastline to see. None of the mountains were very high elevation wise, but they still looked impressive because they come right out of the ocean.

We spent one more night in Newfoundland after that, and then took the ferry back and spent a night half way across Nova Scotia. We finally reached home on the evening of the next day.

This video is the best way for you to see a selection of the photos from the trip: