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NH Chronicle: The Making of Pats Peak


Staff member
Jun 4, 2004
NEK by Birth
I was anxiously awaiting this NH Chronicle Story that appeared last night on WMUR. The previews and pics looked really cool and it did not disappoint. One of the founding brothers is still alive and he and his family were featured in the segment. Very cool. The vintage footage, pictures, and current video were all really nice.

Way back when this site was only an infant, I was a Pats Peak skier. I had moved to Boston from Vermont and didn't have a lot of money to ski. Pats Peak made two seasons possible for a crazy price of like $249 per year and was an easy 90 minute drive from my apartment. My girlfriend at the time had no ski experience, so it was a good compromise. Pats is indeed a friendly place and unpretentious. Very good snowmaking and very nice facilities.

Kris Blomback used to come on here for our AZ Challenge and used to come on every once in a while. He is a former Magic guy and a Lyndon State alum.

Great video and fond memories of Pats.