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Non POV Vid- anyone use Nikon coolpix aw100


New member
Nov 13, 2008
So-- my Kodak zx3 bit the dust this summer... am in the market for a new camcorder-- thought I might get a cam instead that also shoots decent vid-- not a lot out there that is weatherproof in my budget range... I looked at all the sub $500 cams with an eye toward doing both vid and stills decent-- the Olympus TG-1 got great reviews (for this price range in a weatherproof cam-- anyway) for stills- but the vids not so much-- and it was still a little pricey at 399. Moreover- it had no high frame rate recording for action-- like skiing. Most of the other weatherproof cams in this range wore sorely lacking in one or other other- and none really excelled at either-- with video really lagging in most. The Nikon AW100 appears to take decent stills (not print quality- but not bad for a sub $400 point and shoot weatherproof) and decent vid (again, within same parameters)- with the ability to record at much higher frame rates (albet at a reduced def).

So-- long and short-- anyone have one? Thoughts? Options-- other than the $600+ weather sealed "good" cams?