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Okemo & Killington 3-28 & 3-29


Dec 9, 2012
March 28
18 runs - 22468 vertical ft - 5 hrs skied
Weird weather, with constant switches between clouds and sun by the summit. Wind raged hard up there, but temps were warm. They surprisingly had a bit of the mountain bumped up allowing some fun bumps. All untracked snow was heavy and not very fun to ski, so the glades weren't much fun. I did ski Outrage and Double Diamond, however, and they were fun, but not in prime condition for those that care about their skis (not me!). ROTD probably The Plunge & Ledges. Both were short shots of some sweet bump skiing. Groomers were kinda messy, but nice enough to not bog down while arcing heavy angles (unlike our next day!)

March 29
15 runs - 16846 vertical ft - 4:15 hours skied
BUMPS, bumps, &.... bumps.
Got to top of K1 for our first run right before 11. The snow was heavy but so nice, a million times better than Okemo. Lapped some bumps over by Dipper Woods, Powerline, and some other fun stuff up there on the upper mountain. Headed over to Snowdon for Patsy's which surprisingly skied well. Tried The Throne coming down to the base later but that wasn't nearly as good condition. Headed in for lunch at about 1 and headed over to the other side for the rest of the day. Needle's Eye was fun, Vertigo had some big bumps and thin cover on the headwall but was fun. Skied the Stash for some really unique fun terrain park features down to Bear Mtn.

Skied Devil's Fiddle which was in extra thin cover - however, that made some really interesting skiing. But, I got advice from our "guide" for the day to duck into Devil's Den. Lots of bare spots made for some stop n go skiing before it mellowed out and became lots of fun hucking off all the features. The flat traverse was nasty going back to Bear but eventually made it over to hit up Outer Limits. NEVERENDING. Skied the skier's right side which had probably the biggest bumps on the mountain and it was a true endurance contest. After approx 12k vertical of skiing almost nonstop bumps, Wildfire was torture on the next run.

As we made our way back to the main side, I hit up Superstar, which skied well until the bottom where I ducked into skier's right trees. I then ventured off by myself to hit Ovation top to bottom and a 3:50 gondola ride for Cascade - lower downdraft - flume.

There are tons of bumps set up so Killington is PRIME for some spring bump skiing at the moment. The groomers are too messy to really carve on by afternoon, and I kept digging to much of an edge trying to carve high angles while it was pretty much slush and messy, occasional bumps. Trees are skiable, some a lot more fun than others. 100% open too. Didn't try out Anarchy or Julio... hopefully wasn't a mistake because those look like some FUN terrain.