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Otis Ridge?? Otis, MA


New member
Nov 30, 2010
Winsted, CT
So on our way to Butternut yesterday we passed a small 10 Trail spot named Otis Ridge in Otis, Ma. Looked like quite an old spot with a ton of "old New England charm". From the parking lot you can basically see all they have to offer but for some reason it drew me in, I think it was the older feel of the place overall. Their biggest lift was a 2 person chair, then a pony tow, and a T bar I could see....and consisted of 400 vertical feet (I think). After researching they lift prices are very affordable and I wanted to know if any fellow AZers had been here recently and would like to share their opinion of it? They were making snow by the TON there when we stopped and I'm planning on making a trip up to check it out and report back once they are fully open. :popcorn: