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Pico, 1/27/14


Active member
Feb 22, 2005
North Reading, Mass.
The first couple of runs on the blue trails, then to pike. They were s-crappy at best. Temp was about 32 at the base. Trail count went from 7 to 19 yesterday. Surface was packed-granular at best. Got pretty scraped off over the weekend, A little bit of loose stuff here and there. It was however a day for picking and choosing your turns, or so it seemed. KA was a lot of fun top to bottom. Was getting ready to do a wardrobe change to from sharp front side skis when the skies darkened. within minutes it was puking snow of a moderate to a heavy amount. It was 4 chair-lift visibility. Every run got better, but I was getting tired and decided for an early lunch and let the goods accumulate rather than try to ski dust on crust. Great call. when I went back out there was 3-4" of newfall, of a light to moderate weight. It was silky, creaky-snow. The temps began to drop the remainder of the day.

As usual, the blacks skied easier and had better snow than the blues.

That newfall made a big difference. Summit glades skied beautifully top to bottom, I hung out there for a while. Birch glades were a lot of fun. Few people went over there because the brush was quite prevalent. I was able to open full out and just swoop those wide GS turns, floating a little here and there, skiing with abandon.

Few people on the mountain (I parked in the first row, right AT the entrance.) Maybe 2 rows, I guess, I never saw. The lack of skier traffic kept the goods right in front of me all day.

To balance this all, there are still a lot of closed trails; like half, most with a lot of brush portruding. Some of the puckerbrush had gotten quite big, like the width of a ski pole, so I had to be careful. Lots of fun stuff to be had if you didn't mind getting into the brush. Some very obvious madge-I-can-see-myself ice in a couple spots near the base.

the north winds began to pickup about 2pm, and the snow began to be blown about. they closed the Pico peak lift at about 3pm due to wind. Still lots of good stuff on skiers left. I stayed on what narrow trails there were (not many) and did well.

I really can't complain, with the crappy season we've had. It could have been better, but it could have been far worse. Pico on thursday might be a really good play.


New member
Jan 12, 2012
keep the faith
Too bad Pico doesn't get the snowmaking that Killington gets.

I really like Pico and prefer it over most other places but it's the kind of mountain I'd much rather ski when it's fully open.


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Feb 7, 2009
I am planning on heading up to Killington this weekend, and was hoping to hit Pico on Saturday, but I agree that it is a ski area that needs to be 100% open to fully be enjoyed. I have only ever been to Pico when it has been at or near 100%. So I will be checking the conditions reports eagerly on Thursday hoping their trail count has grown.