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PSA - Nonstop Flights to Switzerland Are Cheap Right Now (for next year)


Active member
Mar 13, 2016
At least they were last night.

I just booked a nonstop from JFK to ZRH for 2 adults and 2 kids for an average fare of $505 per person. Adults were $525 each and kids were less. Friday night departure, Sunday afternoon return.

This was for the last week in January, but I was checking into February as well and they were the same. We are going a little earlier this year because lodging is much cheaper than the peak weeks in February and slopes are much quieter. Downside risks are its a little colder, little darker and a little windier. Not unlike skiing in the US though.

This was actually cheaper than Emirates was giving away their non-stops from JFK to Milan a couple years ago. I did see that JFK to MXP nonstop with one stop in London on the return was just over $400 for the same time period. Another good option for access to Italy skiing, Valais in Switzerland and even Chamonix. $400 ski trip flights to Europe? That's a good deal.