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Ragged April 6


Active member
Apr 9, 2010
Alexandria, NH
Date(s) Skied: April 6, 2014

Resort or Ski Area: Ragged

Conditions: Mashed Potatoey Granular

Trip Report: I got there for the afternoon shift on a beautiful blue bird day with temps in the upper 40’s. Ragged has amazing coverage. I’ve haven’t seen this much snow there in early April in a long time - maybe ever.

P4064093 by Bob Misu, on Flickr

Not Too Shabby by Bob Misu, on Flickr

Cardigan and the Yankee by Bob Misu, on Flickr



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Mar 25, 2004
Boston, MA
I was enjoying Ragged's last day with my family today. This is my kids' favorite place, mostly because we skied here quite a bit when they were smaller, so lots of great memories.

Today was amazing and exceeded all expectations. The weather forecast was calling for partly sunny, and it was a pefect blue sky with light winds and afternoon temps in 40's.

We started skiing a bit before noon and the corn was dry and plentyful. Just absolutely superb. It stayed dry well into the afternoon, at least on the top of the mountain. The sun and rising temps did mush it up a bit closer to the end of the day, but skiing was just fantastic.

I was there a week ago and the best moguls then were on upper part of Sweepstakes and Crewcut (upper and lower).

Unfortunately, the best part of Sweepsatkes (upper part) was closed off. Same for Crewcut. For low angle, ego moguls, Raggae Glades did not disappoint, although we had to wait into early afternoon for the top part to properly corn up. Once it did, it was just sweet.

Overall, the conditions were just dreamy and good time was had by all.