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Review: Hart Fuelie Stage1 162cm


New member
Oct 19, 2007
Reno - North Lake Tahoe
Ski Tester: 41 Year old, Female 130 lbs 5'6" Advanced recreational skier.

Conditions: Abasin May dump of 10+ inches. Wait a minute, was that Abasin or Paradise?

Manufacturer: Hart
Model: Fuelie Stage1 (Current model Pulse)
Length: 162 cm
Dims: 124/77/110
TR: 12.7, using this calculator
Construction: Sandwich, hand made, hand finished.
Intended for: Front Side Carver

I started the day on my Bros, but after a couple runs on them, I was convinced by the Hart Boyz to demo. It was tough for me to give up my Bros for the moment because they are my babies in the powder, and THAT is what we had!!!
I took the Stage one on some groomers with 10+ inches of fresh snow, with very little chop at this early stage of the day, and with the snow that was coming down, most every run was fresh, so the conditions were bliss!

The properties of this ski reminded me of the quick turning response of the nordica Firefox, though the waist is 7mm wider, the Stage1(Pulse) is extremely nimble, and smooth. The thing that shocked me most is how wonderfully it handled in the deeper snow pockets I found with it. I've skied the Firefox in the powder once and it would not have been happy in areas that the Pulse ripped.
This ski will be in my quiver for next season, though I'm having trouble deciding between the Pulse, and their womens specific version, the Hart Beat.
1=Poor 2= Fair 3=Average 4=Very Good 5=Excellent
1 2 3 4 5
Short Turns 5
Medium Turns 5
Long Turns 5
Rebound 4
Stability 5
Forgiveness 5
Grip NA
Steeps 5
Crud (chopped powder) 4
Powder 4
Ice NA
Overall Impression 5

Tested Length Felt: Just right

Ski Sidecut Felt: Just right

Ski Flex Felt:
Slightly stiff but I like a stiffer ski

I'd like to say I wish I could give you a report on grip and hard pack, but the conditions and this ski had me doing a lot of this > <.
I can update this review next season when I hit the Michigan Hard Pack.
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