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Sandpoint Idaho, any one been?


Dec 6, 2014
Lookin to take a trip to some where off the beaten path. Anyone got the Intel on schweitzer and silver?


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Feb 5, 2014
It’s been a long time since I’ve been there but my recollection is that the snow was not as dry as I was hoping for.


Dec 31, 2004
I Was there a few times a while (12 years ?). Skiberg's info will be more valuable. But here's a non-locals take.

Best airport access was through Spokane. It's about 2 - 2 1/2 hrs from there. I went by way of Kalispel once and I wouldn't advise that in the winter.

Overall i liked the place, found the Idaho panhandle to be a scenic place. The vibe is definitely "real western" not "tourist western".

Sandpoint is (was) a decent kinda cool little city with OK restaurants and some reasonable hotels. Condo/house rentals on Lake Pend O'reille are worth a look too. Schweitzer had a smallish base village with services, food option condos etc lodging will be more $$ obviously.

Schwietzer is about 9 miles outside of Sandpoint last third being a very twisty but fairly wide mountain road.

The skiing is fairly challenging with some back/side country access if your looking for that. It's Pacific Northwest skiing so don't expect Utah blower powder. The snow tends to the wetter variety. But there was plenty of it! Wasn't much in the way of crowds back then but it did get a little busy on the weekend dayside skied there as I recall.

Oh, also skied silver one time. Funky sort of place Gondi from parking lot to the base area. It was mid March and I don't think I saw another person on the mountain other than the lifties. Less challenging than Schweitzer snow was a little spotty as I recall it being kind of warm.

Jackass bowl had the best snow. It also provided me with my most lasting memory of the place. The Jackass Bowl is served by an ancient double chairlift. The day I was there the snow turned out to be nice over there. When I got to the base and the old timer running the lift yells welcome to the jackass lift. I said thanks and How you doin he says great and tells me to be careful and get way right when I load. I step what I think is far enough right and then I get smacked in the ass by the center pole of the smallest double chair I've ever been on. I struggle upright and get my cheeks on the seat and cling onto the center pole. As I'm going up I hear the old timer yelling "Thats why we call it the Jack Ass lift, while laughing his butt off."

I lapped that lift for a few runs after I figured it out and had a few more laughs with the old SOB.
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