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Selle Italia Flite Team Edition

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Jun 3, 2008
Selle Italia Flite Team Edition

The "Team Edition" designation on Selle Italia's Flite Saddle means that it was built to handle the rigors of racing at the highest level, day in and day out. With it comes bold graphics that let others know that, yes, this is the classic Flite perch and it means business.
The Flite starts with a mid-width, carbon-reinforced nylon composite base. And, if you're wondering what the composite percentage is, it's 30% carbon fiber and 70% nylon. The carbon blend adds to the support, while enabling a natural flex that neutralizes road and trail chatter. In terms of dimensions, the tail is 145mm wide, which is just a millimeter narrower than the original 1990 Flite design, and it's also 14mm wider than the SLR.
To boost the comfort, the Flite received more padding than Selle Italia's SLR line of saddles. However, it's worth noting that this is by no means a sofa. Instead, it was designed to be a responsive saddle that's well suited to racing and all-day rides. Furthering this concept is the Flite's quick-drying and breathable Lorica cover " the same material found on a majority of SLR saddles. Additionally, it has the added benefit of being non-abrasive and low in friction, meaning that your shorts will slip right by instead of catching and chafing.
The Flite rests on Selle Italia's Hi-Tech carbon rail system. These proven rails provide plenty of strength, and, just as importantly, without stacking on the grams. They also feature the additional benefit of vibration absorption, meaning that you'll experience less numbness during long races.
The Selle Italia Flite Kit Carbonio is available in a 145 x 275mm size and in the color Black.

Price: $114.99 (48% Off!)
Regularly: $224.99

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