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Skinning Ragged ll April 27, 2013


Active member
Apr 9, 2010
Alexandria, NH
Date(s) Skied: April 27, 2013

Resort or Ski Area: Ragged Mt. New Hampshire

Conditions: Mashed Potatoes and Buttered Corn.

Trip Report: I got to the mountain about two o’clock and it wasn’t completely deserted. A young couple had just finished skiing down Showboat and were preparing to hit a few golf balls when I pulled up. We chatted a bit and I headed out.

It was warm and sunny. Gorgeous! I had to hoof the first flat section as the snow was in patches. I started skinning right before the big drainage that cut across the hill. Things were smooth until I hit the steep pitch. The skins wouldn’t hold the mushy snow. I should have booted from that point but I side stepped instead. Note to self, “Don’t do that again”. It practically killed me. By the time I reached the top of the “headwall” I was toast. I thought I packed some candy bars but apparently not. I only had some chocolate powdered almonds. I washed them down with my watered down Gatorade and rested. Then I ran out of time. The last pitch looked easy after what I just climbed and definitely doable. (Why i didn't take a picture?) But my wife was expecting me to barbeque. I had to get back. The ski down was sweet. I wanted another run but alas the triple wasn’t running and I had to run instead. I’ll just have to wait until December then.

Some photos:

Showboat by Bob Misu, on Flickr

P4273771 by Bob Misu, on Flickr

Here's the pitch by Bob Misu, on Flickr

Looking down Showboat headwall by Bob Misu, on Flickr

Ragged Base Patches by Bob Misu, on Flickr

Full set on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wasabibob/sets/72157633367366472/with/8687884978/