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Staci & kim's quest for gold


New member
Mar 24, 2005
New Jersey
If you've been following my ski blog (www.gondlyline.com/skibabe) you know that I have been posting the latest and greatest news about Staci Mannella an amazing teen from Randolph, NJ and her ski coach Kim Seevers from Windham, NY. Staci is a ski racer who has been a member of Windham Mountain's Adaptive Ski Program since she was 4 years old. Kim Seevers has been her ski coach for the last 5 years. The two of them have become a team to be reckoned with! Staci has competed for many years in Adaptive Ski Races all over the world. Last year she and her coach were picked to be on the US Adaptive Ski Team's Development Team. Staci and Kim have done so well with their racing that this year they have been moved up to the B Team.

The exciting news is that this year they get to race in their first World Cup races. It is a true inspirating to see how far Staci has come with Kim guiding her through the gates while giving commands on blue-tooth microphones and headphones that are installed in their ski helmets. It is truly amazing that the amount of trust the two have in each other.

It might be summer here - but in other parts of the world it is winter. That allows the teams to train and race pretty much all year long if they want to.

This week the first Winter Games World Cup races were held at Coronet Peak in New Zealand. This event was one of two back to back World Cup Slaloms that brought athletes from all over the world who are beginning their chase for points to qualify to be chosen for the team that will be going to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Forty-two women and men were set to compete in the races that were divided into three different categories: slalom sitting, slalom standing and slalom visually impaired. Staci and her coach Kim Seevers competed in the slalom visually impaired category.

The women's visually impaired Gold medal was awarded to Staci Mannella (No. 12 in the World) and her guide Kim Seevers. They came in just ahead of team member (No. 8 in the World) Danielle Umstead and her guide/husband Robert Umstead who were awarded the silver medal. Third place with a bronze medal was awarded to the British team of Jade Etherington (No. 5 in the World) and her guide Caroline Powell.

The combined times of the 3 medal winners was:
Staci Mannella & Kim Seevers 2.01.11
Danielle Umstead & Robert Umstead 2.02.69
Jade Etherington & Caroline Powell 2.09.22

An official medal ceremony was held with the US National Anthem being played after Staci Mannella and Kim Seevers were awarded their first World Cup GOLD medals.

Team Mannella & Seevers are one step closer to their dream of competing in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia. This is definitely going to be a team to watch this race season.

Here's a link to the World Cup medal ceremony in New Zealand!

Team Mannella - Partially Sighted and Wicked Fast!

(2013) - Elizabeth Holste - author - Skiing In New Jersey?