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Stowe Medical Emergency 3-16-13


New member
Feb 1, 2012
Was curious if there are any Stowe regs that have the inside scoop on this or not?

Was on the lower half of side street on saturday around 1pm when I noticed that traffic was being re-directed off of side street due to a medical emergency. Went about 100 yds and got back onto the trail where I turned around to see what was going on. Was figuring on a broken leg/arm type deal but to my shock the medics were performing CPR on an individual for roughly 15 mins. Also used a defibrulator on him several times, as they took him down the hill to the spruce base I can say he did not look good. Hoping the outcome turned out better than what I was witnessing for those 15 or so minutes. Anyone else hear or see this?