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Dec 30, 2005
Stamford Ct and Stowe
Hit sugarbush saturday and conditions where..typical for what transpired earlier. Frozen with snow piles and a strange freezing mist that made wearing goggles impossible...started snowing heavily towards the end of the day. So..conditions improved but more was needed. We where going to hit stowe sunday but the weather got worse so...we decided to head south to okemo. The storm started when we got there and never let up..conditions improved steadily throughout the day..driving conditions went to shit though..with 8 to 16 predicted we booked a hotel...car was covered pretty well this morning but the winds where howling...I knew a lot of the 14 that fell would be..elsewhere..still whatever wasn't groomed to shit was good..8 inches you could bomb down at 30 mph. The double d runs had nice moguls ...some of the dropouts where glaciers though...yards sale territory for the unaware.jackson gore w a s best with the bubble lift to keep the wind at bay. I hadn't been here for at least 10 years but had a good time.
Not a very steep place but the low angle preserved the dry powder well...I'll be back.20170213_134714.jpg
Rolling thunder