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Sugarloaf 2/20 - 2/22


Oct 28, 2008
Duxbury, MA
Three days - three seasons at Sugarloaf. Like everyone even the Loaf is an ice box at this point. They need snow and no more rain freeze cycles.

Tuesday was rainy and foggy. But we had the right gear and skied some great soft snow all over the mountain. Loads of snow over at King Pine. The top was freezing rain and windy. Much better just below the peak.

Wednesday was amazing. Got up to the mid 60s. Soft skiing all over and the spring crazies were out - including one guy in a gold Speedo and just a fanny pack out front to almost keep it family friendly. Lapped all the runs on King Pine. Great soft bumps. A number of silly people went in early - they must have burned their legs out. Which was too bad cus the snow was great all day until 3 when a light rain came through and the wind picked up.

The carnage started early. A decent river opened up at the top of the Super Quad and they closed Timberline by 9:45. A huge gash of grass had opened up on one of the main connectors between the Super Quad and Timberline. In fact patches of grass opened up throughout the day. Rivers streamed down the connector runs and water bars were all over. The area around Bullwinkles was all grass or on the way to slush. But - most of the mountain was still covered and a great ski.

The last run of the day was starting to chatter with the quick rain and temp drops. It foreshadowed the horror that was Thursday.

You don’t get spring in February without paying for it. The groomers tried but it was carnage on the mountain. Only fools and kids in ski school skied much today. After getting vouchers we had to get back to the condo. We took a few kids from ski school up the Super Quad and then took one of the two ways back down. Snow making was on and doing a good job but there is no quick way to resurface the mountain. A lot of the frozen snow was covering up but the vacation crowd was all stuffed into a few trails. The groomers work was on the way to being eliminated before noon.

They need snow and no more rain melt freeze cycles.

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