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Sunapee 1/22/18


Well-known member
Dec 30, 2003
Spencer, MA
First time there since high school. About 15 years ago it was the first place I ever skied north of Wachusett and it seemed huge. It's kind of like Water Country...seems big when you're a kid but when you go back it looks so tiny compared to what your remember.

Impressed with the snowmaking and grooming crews that have every non-gladed trail open (save for Stovepipe/Williamson) which is much better than I'm seeing on other snow reports. Weather was complete crap today which made for a light crowd. First time I've ever parked in the upper lot there. Early on it was low 30s at the base and upper 20s at the top with drizzle which made for frozen goggles and clothing. Cooled down through the day but the drizzle continued with a few needly snowflakes mixed in.

The cruisers all skied great when you could see. Nice and soft and the low traffic meant finding corduroy in some places even at 2 pm. North Peak Triple was less exposed to the wind so hung out there for the better part of the day. The express quads were a lot windier which wasn't fun with the wet weather. Can't really think of a trail that skied better than the others, everything was pretty much the same, but certainly no bad spots either.

Pretty fun few hours. Definitely not a place I'd go to often as there is absolutely no challenge anywhere on the mountain (except for the glades which often have terrible cover when they're open) and the lines are typically crazy. But, seeing as no one really had much natural stuff open right now (except maybe Jay), figured I'd burn a MAX day somewhere that would have good manmade snow and a place I don't go to much.