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Sunday 1/20/07, Gore Mt., NY


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Sep 3, 2005
New York, NY
Edit: 2008 not 2007. Can't change the subject.
Weather: COLD! No pictures because I wasn't taking my hands out of my gloves :)

Conditions: Hard packed, soft man made snow/irregular moguls on ungroomed terrain.

First time at Gore in years, after it having been my primary destination since I started skiing. Lies, Hawkeye, and Chatiemac all in nice shape. Lies and Hawkeye had some nice but irregular moguls, but hard/icy in between. Chatiemac had snow guns lining the trail, so the snow was nice, but the guns were quite annoying, so I only skied it 1.5 times (once in full, once top half).

Not much other expert stuff open. Did the top of open pit then ducked into the woods for a short woods shot. A couple inches of snow on top of very noticeable crust...not too fun. Tahawus Glades were the only official trees open. Somewhat thin in there. Skiable, perhaps not as crusty as the other woods I did, but wasn't good enough for me to go again.

The expert liftlines at the top (Double Barrel and the Dark Side) unfortunately needed another storm to be good.

Overall a fun day considering it had been a while since I was there, and the open trails were in good shape. But not really enough terrain for a more extended trip at this point. Snow guns were on the lower part of Rumor, so that's should be open (again) soon enough.
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