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Sunday River 2/16/13 (Includes Videos)


Jan 2, 2013
Videos below.

Date(s) Skied: Saturday February 16, 2013

Resort or Ski Area: Sunday River

Conditions: Soft snow, occasional ice

Trip Report:
I got to the mountain around 9 am. This is our annual ski weekend so I was skiing with lots of friends and family. First we did a few runs on Aurora and the conditions seemed pretty good, especially on Vortex. Then, after finishing a run on, we hopped on Jordan Double. However, the lift kept slowing down and stopping for some strange reason. Then we observed that they stopped letting people on so there must have been a mechanical problem with the lift.

Reaching Jordan Bowl, we were disappointed that the line was really long so we did the singles line which took about 10 minutes. We were surprised that Oz wasn't running. Later in the day we asked the ski liftie at the bottom of it and he said they were waiting for a replacement part for the lift and that it probably wouldn't be running that day.

We did a few runs around Jordan Bowl before heading over to main part of the mountain for lunch. After that, we did a run off of Barker and made our way over to White Heat Quad. They had been making snow on Shock Wave so that was probably the best trail of the day.

When White Heat Quad closed at 3:45, we skied down to Barker to do one last run of the day. We got on the lift at 3:50-3:55 ish. About one minute after I got on the lift (less for the other chair with our group and GoPro...they were only about four chairs out of the terminal), the lift suddenly stopped, and started bouncing around, so it seemed like the emergency brake must have been pulled. Over the next 5-10 minutes, they kept trying to start the lift up again, but each time the emergency brake kicked in a second later sending all the chairs bouncing up and down. It's lucky Poma came in to replace the Yan chairs! But anyways, it became quickly apparent that this was likely a breakdown. After being stopped for maybe 20-25 minutes, we could here them turn on the backup engine. Finally, we continued our journey to the top at a reduced speed. Getting off the lift, we joked with the liftie and ski patrols at the top questioning where our free lift tickets were. We a brilliant sunlight, we took a picture of everyone and then skied down Agony. We were off the mountain at 4:40. Overall, it probably was my best day yet (yes, I keep saying this, but it seems to get better and better).

Note: I have the red jacket, my Dad has the dark green jacket, and my cousin is filming.
The first video is my compilation of the day, the second is my cousin's compilation of the day, and the third is the best run of the day.


New member
Oct 28, 2004
Looks like fun..
But - next time someone tells me that snowboards scrape snow and skis do not... I'm referring to this video..