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Sunday River 2012-11-28 Wipeout Wednesday


Active member
Mar 16, 2003
Bryant Pond, Maine
My what a good time I had today! I passed up on a full workout this morning, as I wanted to save my legs for the mountain. I did stretch out and limber up though, which, as the title of this thread indicates, was a good thing!

Right stuff! Have I ever mentioned how I love the trail Right Stuff? Hilly and headwalls, a bit curvy with some rollers at the end. Definitely the Right Stuff! I did 4 laps first thing on it, and I had the trail to myself all four laps! Awesome!!!!

One trip up the lift was with a patroller. We chatted about the great job the River was doing with snowmaking. Turns out this guy had info on the resort. They have enough air and water capacity to run 250 guns at once, and that's what they are hammering right now! Full capacity snowmaking. These guys are serious about making snow and bringing in winter!

I headed out Lazy River next, noticing the experts only sign was not up. Lazy River skied excellent, albeit with thin cover. They knocked down some of the bumps and whales, but it was a winter snowstorm at the end of Lazy River where it ties into Risky Business. Then I went over to South Ridge for a ride on the lift to see where they are blowing snow, which is EVERYWHERE at South Ridge. They are just pasting the snow onto the ground. This colder weather is making fro drier snowmaking which is easier to ski on.

Back to Barker, I take Jungle road to T-2 and Cascades. They have blown more whales up there! No rocks on Cascades anymore, and I doubt we'll see any more until spring. They covered it but good! What fun going over the whales! Next was Ecstacy to Sunday Punch. I shot Ecstacy, loving the hill and dale and the rollers. Sunday punch, not so much. Right at the midstation are a lot of rocks and rocks show up here and there down to the intersection of over easy. After that, it is fine. I didn't take Sunday punch again, and think I'll wait til they cover up the rocks.

WIPE OUT!!! Up the lift again, and Right stuff was empty. I was going elsewhere, but an empty Right stuff calling my name..... I was a bombing down this time and my downhill ski hit ice while the uphill ski dug into the snow. I pulled my leg up and started to recover, then I saw bumps coming up real fast. Remembering what happened last year when I hit bumps at speed, I laid down and dug my skis in and stopped just short of the bumps. That sort of experience can cause you to slow down a bit. And it did for me. For about 500 feet or so! Over it!

Next run was Ecstacy to Monday Morning. Monday Morning skied fin, if a little crunchy. But I found myself bored on it. A fairly consistent pitch, straight, unremarkable.

WIPE OUT!!!! I was thinking cascades was a lot of fun with the whales, so I went back there. The whales are somewhat soft and edgable, and I was skirting as fast as I dared. I came over the top of one whale near the bottom, and there was a second bump right behind it. I tried to handle it but I lost a ski and crumpled up and slid a bit. Back up and ski on, I figured I didn't do it right, so I had to go back and do it again. This time, just a tad slower, and going around that one whale with the hidden double bump, and all is well in my universe!!!!

Had friends coming over, so this is as good a way to end the day as there is. I gotta tell you, the skiing here is very, very good, especially given that it's still November! After first chair, it is essentially ski onto the lift and look at all the empty chairs in front of you. I'm sure you won't get that for the weekend, but mid week right now, especially with the colder temps, if you wanted to take a ski day, you won't be sorry. Just an FYI, tickets are $49.00 right now. The way they are blowing snow, a whole lot of terrain is gong to open up soon and I'm sure the ticket prices will reflect that.


New member
Feb 14, 2012
Westborough, MA
Great reports! I was super-impressed with Sunday River over Thanksgiving. I could not believe they had that much snow cover. Even light rain on Sat. morning didn't mess things up. Will definitely go back again.