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Sunday River after the rain...weekend forecast


New member
Oct 14, 2010
New England
Oh oh..thanks for the update...is the new lift great?

Do folks recommend night skiing at SR? We thought we'd give it a go...

May I ask an off topic? Where to have a great dinner? We loved Mill Hill in Bethel.

Night skiing is pretty decent. They do a groom beforehand, usually. I don't go often - can be pretty cold. But nights when it's snowing we go. Lots of fun. My teen kids love it.

Mill Hill is closed. We love Brian's. Millbrook Tavern in Bethel Inn is good with live music. Lots of options on and off mountain. We live close to Suds and go there most - decent ski pub.


Well-known member
Sep 5, 2014
Northwood, NH (Sunday River, ME)
Holding up pretty well, both Amex and Risky are in good shape so target Spruce early. Lost Princess is not super steep, but it is uneven as it hasn't been groomed at all. Mostly soft loose snow with an edgable machine made base, but there are some bumps forming and occasional slick spots.
If you are thinking of night skiing, tonight should be nice with not bad temps. So far I have a high of 30 at Brookside at 145p.

I'd recommend Brian's too, but we love 22 Broad and Drayman as well, so sounds like you have a good plan.

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