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Sunday River Night Skiing 2013-01-04


Active member
Mar 16, 2003
Bryant Pond, Maine
I brought my skis to do a little after work skiing, and check out the night skiing. Seems they re-groom for night skiing, which made for some real sweet cruisers. The lighting causes light and dark areas of skiing, so I looked to avoid any moguls, which I couldn't find anyways.

I started out on the Chondola, which I noticed was moving slower than normal. It never sped up all night, that I was aware. Seems it has a computer that matches speed based upon wind speeds. At the top, as you come over the last rise, the wind was a ripping (that's just about the point in time you wished it was moving a bit faster so you weren't hanging in the wind). But I do understand safety concerns. You could choose Escapade, or Dream maker and connect onto Sundance or Broadway, as well as the south Ridge terrain park. I was there most of 2 hours and got in 5 runs, staying mostly on Dream maker. With the wind, if you were on snowboard, it's gonna be some foot work, I had to pole a couple spots to get there, but Dream maker was sweet, and most of the time, it was just me shredding up the fresh grooming. While there was some wind here and there, it was a sight warmer than Tuesday.

It's nice to get in a couple hours before I go home, Fridays and Saturdays only. The terrain park is pretty well lit up and the youngsters were playing down there, so there was entertainment on the ride up.