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Thirsty Thursday

Puck it

Well-known member
Oct 26, 2006
Franconia, NH
I forgot about this.


There’s a reason they call it Thirsty Thursdays.
So this Thursday, kick back and do some beer drinking while watching one of the best ski films ever made– Hot Dog The Movie.
* The following rules are meant for drinking beer from cans (preferably Busch Light) and in the company of both sexes.
[h=4]HERE ARE THE RULES:[/h]-Drink whenever someone does a Spread Eagle

-For every side boob, drink for one second (two seconds if you can see two side boobs)
-Any instance of full frontal nudity results in the group doing a waterfall (left to right, right to left alternating)
-Whenever Dan O’Callaghan drinks, you drink

-Take a drink for every goal scored in broomball
-Drink every time you see or hear the words ‘Squaw Valley’
-If anyone makes fun of ballet skiing, they must drink till the end of the competition

-For every flip, take a drink
-Two drinks for a double
-Three drinks for a triple
-Four drinks for the Kick Ass Blaster

-Drink every time you get aroused
-Drink every time you feel sexually awkward
-Chug your beer if you feel awkward and aroused
-Shotgun your beer when Squirrel gets a blowjob

-Drink whenever somebody complains about the contest being rigged or unfair
-Take a drink every time Squirrel puts on sunscreen
-Drink anytime someone crashes
-Shotgun your beer when Kendo karate chops the peanut