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Tremblant - 11/25


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Jan 27, 2014
My teenage daughter has dear from camp who live in Montreal. She's been dying to see them and flights were crazy expensive. Being the great Dad that I am, I elected to drive her on Friday, drop her at her friend's house in Montreal and continue up to Tremblant.

The bummer was that when I got there at about 5pm on Friday, it was drizzling in the village. My hope was that it was snowing up top because the base temps where just above freezing. Woke up on Saturday to a continued light drizzle so I had some pretty low expectations. Took the cabriolet up from the bottom of the village to the top and hopped on the gondola to the top. About 3/4 of the way up it got pretty foggy. But, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was snowing up top when I got off the gondola.

I figured a good strategy would be to do laps off of the TGV lift so I never had to go to the bottom and ski in the rain. My strategy held out pretty well for the first 3 hours of the day with the snow/rain line holding below the base of the TGV. Still the snow was pretty wet which was fine for skiing, but not so great for my gloves and pants. Basically lapped Alpine, Beauvallon Haut and Taschereau the entire morning. I was surprised at how many people were milling around up top around 11am, but the trails didn't feel crowded at all and I never waited more than one chair at the TGV. Snow on those trails was soft and it was easy to hold an edge.

Around noon, the snow/rain line moved up the mountain and the fog line dropped way down the hill. So it was drizzling on the bottom half of the TGV lift ride which caused my pants and gloves to get wet. Given that the conditions were getting worse and visibility was terrible, I elected to skip lunch and ski right through and just end early. So by 1:30pm, I was wet and my legs were toast.

All in all, a very fun day and it felt great to knock the rust off. Tremblant had top to bottom skiing on both the South and North side of the mountain. But I stuck to the South side so I could stay on the top of the mountain via the TGV. I could have skied down to Lowell Thomas to stay on top on that side, but the snow was good where I was and the patroller that I spoke to said that Beauchemin Haut (main route down to LT) was icier than most of the other trails. There were a ton of ski racing school kids who were die harders.