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Volkl Grizzly Alpine Ski w/ Motion iPT Wide Ride 14.0 D Binding

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Sep 24, 2007
Volkl Grizzly Alpine Ski w/ Motion iPT Wide Ride 14.0 D Binding


The Volkl Grizzly Alpine Ski uses Power Switch technology to let you manually alter the ski's flex to personalize your skiing experience. The rear adjustment dial allows you to switch between three positions that control the tension on dual carbon fiber rods encased inside full-length tubes in Volkl's Extended Double Grip construction. The result is a ski with three distinct flexes to choose from depending on the conditions and your skiing style. The Grizzly has 89mm underfoot to float through powder and plenty of side cut to carve up groomers. The large 131mm shovel busts through crud, while a thin layer of titanium helps this ski dampen vibrations at high speeds and on choppy snow. The included Motion iPT Wide Ride 14.0 Bindings improve power transmission by putting the ski/binding interface directly inside the ski and provides a wide platform for maximum edge control.
Price: $699.99 (55% Off!)
Regularly: $1575.00

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