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Wachusett 11/12/17


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Dec 30, 2003
Spencer, MA
Pulled in around 8:10 and saw all the lifts were still delayed but a good amount of people in line for Minuteman and a few in line for Polar. Booted up and headed up to the Polar line around 8:30. Started loading after a few minutes which had everyone from Minuteman rushing over including the people who had won the first chair contest.

For the first hour, Conifer was the only trail open on the mountain. It was very hard packed and the steeper sections were full of death cookies. The people that were there to ski Indian Summer decided to ski Conifer instead of waiting and made for lots of crowding at the choke points.

After an hour Indian Summer opened and I didn't ski it but I'm guessing the conditions were much better as it had a small line while I had Conifer to myself the last few runs. Only took 5 runs as the trail needed some softening up and it was my first day in new boots which I hate.

Interesting note...Minuteman still hasn't spun yet today. Challenger was definitely ready and they lined people up over there at first so hopefully there's not some big problem that will have it closed long term.

They announced they'll be open daily so I'll be back tomorrow. Conifer is always better on day 2 plus shouldn't be many people. Hopefully they'll get Minuteman running as well. Kudos to Wachusett for getting open this early and attempting to have a nice variety of trails open !


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Dec 13, 2014
Boston, MA
Nice! Is this one of the earlier opening days for them?

Earliest opening I've ever heard of from them. Might try to pop by for a few evening turns this week, but 7pm is a tough closing time to get out there from Boston haha.