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Wachusett 3/15/20


Well-known member
Dec 30, 2003
Spencer, MA
When shit started hitting the fan yesterday, I planned on night skiing today to get one more day in. Then at 11 or so they announced closing at 4 but bronze passes are valid so I went up for the last couple hours. They had a solid crowd with both quads having 5 minute lines when I got there, and most people stayed to the end.

Other than one run down Hitchcock/Frannies, I stuck to the summit. It was those kind of awkward conditions where the sun was enough to soften the very top, but it wasn't warm enough to soften the base so it got very slick in some spots with potatoes in others. Smith, 10th, and Conifer all skied pretty much the same. All segments of Balance Rock were open and it was strange skiing 20 foot ribbons of snow through the snowless woods.

Quickly realized why I never ski there any more. Tons of people on the summit who should've still been on the carpet mixed with crazy middle school kids rocketing between everyone and you couldn't avoid it today. One run I rode the lift with a guy who was taking his girlfriend up for her first ever run. Yeah sure go right to the top. Needless to say, next run I saw him fishing her out of the woods next to Balance Rock as she went way off the banking of the trail. It was nice to get one more day in, but man I can't stand that place any more. Not sure they were going to make an April closing anyway, things are very thin up there with rocks poking through and more rain coming this week.

In a normal world I would've been skiing somewhere on St Pats, back to Sugarbush next weekend, Killington the weekend after, then to Utah the second week of April. Haven't cancelled the flight to Utah yet as I'm holding out a sliver of hope that things will subside by then, but obviously very doubtful. I can't imagine this going on so long that we won't at least get a couple weekends of Superstar, but if it does then March 15 is the earliest I've ended a season since 2002.