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Wachusett 4/6/18


Well-known member
Dec 30, 2003
Spencer, MA
With the new snow I decided to head up for a bit after work yesterday. They got about 2" and it made a world of difference. The surface underneath was washerboard with Wednesdays rain and freeze. The untracked snow was nice and soft although if you hit ice underneath it would surprise you a bit. Once the new snow got skied in it bonded to the surface really well and the conditions were quite nice after 6.

Base depths seem pretty good on most trails although it was hard to tell with the new snow hiding some areas. Upper Smith had quite a bit of bamboo on the left side. The Conifer runout was breached by waterbars so you had to cross to the 10th runout. Look Ma was definitely thin underneath the new snow. But from what I can tell just about everywhere else was still well covered.

Rumor has it they're shooting to go one more weekend. This week looks chilly at first then warming up. Hard to tell if they'll be able to make it. But even still they managed to get over 140 operating days this year which is pretty damn good this far south.