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Waterville 2/15


Jan 18, 2010
Had to come up on Friday as I had a good sense that the mountains would be very crowded this weekend (and possible windholds on Sunday to throw fuel to the fire), even considering it is a holiday weekend. Got to the mountain at 8:30 am and got ready to be in line a couple minutes before lifts opened. Redeemed a voucher to ski the day as the ones I have otherwise black out tomorrow through 2/26. Frankly, they had a line of about 8 people waiting for the quad to open 25 minutes before 9 which grew to 100 people at 9 am when the opening bell rang. Throughout much of the day, there was about a 10-15 chair wait on average as the quad was the lift to get to the top with the triple down. The snow softened a little which made the bumps on Chute fun. Much of the mountain was packed powder, and there was limited ice, and trails only got skied off to a very minor extent. Traffic on the northbound side of 93 was something I wouldn't want to be in.

The triple was getting repaired at about 1 pm and they managed to get the top bull wheel in place and the cable spliced to run the lift tomorrow. Just after the closing bell, they were starting to run it to test it.

Judging from the crowd, it'll be a busy holiday for the mountain. A lot of people know the crowd is coming from people getting "shut out" the prior weekend thanks to the blizzard, and people are perceiving conditions to be the best they have been in years. Others are of course people the go cross country during the holiday period and want one last day in before being away for 9 days (or 11 if you're skiing on their vouchers). I wish them the best in making the $$ to invest in improvements such as the first phase of the expansion people chat about that hopefully gets announced.