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Waterville Valley 12/23 for $16 day

Oct 12, 2014
Price was right. 3" new snow or so. First time there since 1993. Seems exactly the same as 1993. I think I hit a time warp as I drove off the exit on Rte 93. Had a good day. Pretty good trails, decent coverage, low crowds, some fresh pow, great time with the kids! Price was amazing, $16 for Patriots Tuesday. WV may be in trouble as I'm not seeing much on the infrastructure upgrades since 1993 - trails, lifts, old snowmaking technology. Saw a few new HKD tower guns. Rode the main HSQ all day. Usual trails of Oblivion, Tippicanoe, and Tyler Too, World Cup Slalom....

What do the guru's here think the future of WV is? Looking bright or are the best days in its rear view morrow.

Regardless a great day!