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Whaleback donations tripled today...


Active member
Oct 22, 2007
Good day to donate to Whaleback if you feel like it...

NH Gives is live from 6PM Tuesday June 9 to 6PM Wednesday June 10!

Make your donation now and NH Gives will give matching dollars to Whaleback.
Want to make your donation dollars go the extra mile?
Thanks to a statewide matching grant of $250,000 and Upper Valley matching grant of $10,000 your donation can be tripled. Here's how:

  • From 6PM Tuesday, June 9th to 6PM Wednesday June 10 visit nhgives.org and make a donation to support Whaleback.
  • Your donation of $10 becomes $30, your donation of $25 becomes $75, your donation of $100 becomes $300.
  • We only have 24 hours to maximize NH Gives donations, so please make your donation early.
  • Spread the word and share this matching opportunity with your friends and family!
Thanks to you, Whaleback is the heart of winter in our local community. We couldn't do it without you!

You can learn more about NH Gives

Thank you & enjoy summer weather!

Team Whaleback


Active member
Dec 20, 2005
Upper Valley, NH
[FONT=&quot]I am the last person to usually say it, but save your money. If they are able to open this year, it is going to be a different experience, and not in a positive way.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Their board canned the GM in April citing financial concerns even though they received very generous help in the form of PPP and CLF loans. Everyone involved knew it was personal. Others have left because they will not work for an incompetent group with no ski area experience who refuse to listen to those that have it (or hire a real GM). They literally have no on the ground management and have no plan to hire any for the ski season. Their core volunteer group (which helped kept the place running) have broken ties for the same reasons. They have slashed necessary maintenance work substantially. The inmates are running the asylum.[/FONT]