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Whaleback Mountain - 3/8/18


Active member
Nov 18, 2006
Date(s) Skied: 3/8/18 (night)

Resort or Ski Area: Whaleback Mountain, NH

Conditions: Powder, powder everywhere.

Trip Report: So. I've night skied before, I've powder skied before, I don't think I've ever powder skied at night before. I'd also never been to Whaleback before.

The mountain itself is a nice little hill. No flat runout at the base (a major plus in my book), a double chair and a tbar, straightforward layout with the easy runs on the outside, more difficult as you get closer to the liftline.

The snow was shin deep everywhere, and if you hit the nearly untracked areas there were spots deeper than my knees. I can't imagine they had a lot of base before this, but this snow set up well enough that there wasn't a rock or bare patch to be seen (or felt), at least on any of the runs they have lit up for night. Worry free enjoyment of the powder.

When I arrived at 4:30PM, the parking lot was full. When I left at 8PM, the parking lot was still nearly full, seemed like a good business day for the hill, but I never waited more than 30 seconds to board the lift.

Run of the evening for me was Spout to Bougainvillea. Enough pitch to be able to blast through the snow and very few people on it. Face was also very nice, but I'd already had a long day and it was burning up my legs too much to hit more than a couple times.

And it's hard to beat a $30 (window rate) lift ticket.