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White Mt. National Forest Volunteer opportunity Trailhead Steward - MAY 21ST 2016


Active member
Feb 22, 2005
North Reading, Mass.
The White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) is currently seeking volunteers for the role of trailhead steward. The trailhead steward program is a new program designed to equip forest visitors, both dayhikers, backpackers and climbers, with information they need while traveling in the backcountry. The information is intended to help the visitor protect the fragile resources of the WMNF, keep themselves safe and prevent costly search and rescue operations. The key to this program focuses on informing visitors BEFORE they hit the trail by a brief interaction at the trailhead.

The program is going into it's third season, which runs from May until October. Let's help keep people safe. NH Fish and Game noticed a large drop in SAR missions in the last two years.

I did it all last season and really enjoyed giving back. Even went hiking after my hitch!

Sign up here:

There is a training session scheduled for May 21st, at the USFS/WMNF Campton Headquarters, 8:30AM to noon.
If you can't make this session,