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Whiteface 4/2/18


Well-known member
Dec 30, 2003
Spencer, MA
In Lake Placid for a couple days with the wife, so headed over to Whiteface for the afternoon on a beautiful 35 and sunny spring day.

Turning onto the access road, it's still the only mountain that makes me say holy shit every time I see it. That vertical just smacks you right in the face like no other ski area does.

Options are starting to get rather limited. Lots of ropes up...mainly more due to the recent freeze over but the entire Lookout side has been lost for the season.

Off the summit things were corning up slightly in the sun with actually decent packed powder where it was in the shade. Everything below the upper terminal of the express quad was deep deep soft corn.

Everything was pretty much skiing the same so kinda hard to remember what trails I even skied but hit some repeats on Mountain Run. Fun run to lap with the short double chair overhead. Also took a no-stop 3200 vert run down Parons to Northway and all the way down Valley. That runout at the bottom gets long after 6 or 7 straight minutes of skiing plus deep corn.

Overall a fun afternoon. Someday I'd like to try it midwinter with everything open. Seems to be some good steeps and glades that weren't open today. Also seems like a much easier place to get around when all the doubles are open. Those quads start to get long after a while.

Might try to get out somewhere tomorrow on the way home but we'll see how fast the rain approaches.

Warp Daddy

Active member
Jan 12, 2006
NNY St Lawrence River
Glad you got out there on da Face . Living as close to it as i do it still has that same impression on me when i get out of the car . Its is the real deal and when the Slides are in play well its surreal . You really ought to hit it midseason make it a double header roadtrip and hit up Gore another great area