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Xterra Wetsuits Vortex Men's Wetsuit

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Jun 3, 2008
Xterra Wetsuits Vortex Men's Wetsuit


Xterra's Vortex Wetsuit is literally built like a tank. The front panel is 5 millimeters thick, so it provides more armor against the cold water that it'll be leading your body through. The back is a lighter-weight three millimeters, which affords a bit more stretch so you can dial in the fit to prevent flushing. The arms and shoulders are the real secret to balancing mobility and protection, though. The 1.5 millimeter Super GKA neoprene affords maximum stretch for uninhibited movement during your swim.
The Vortex's surface incorporates dimples that promote hydrodynamic efficiency, and the coating on the entire suit reduces drag by coaxing a layer of water to cling to the neoprene's surface. The suit's back also uses X-AIR, but in a 3mm application to reduce weight. This results in an industry-low 0.02 drag coefficient. And, since the tank-like construction also extends to the X-MAX seams, you'll be able to enjoy that low drag efficient for years, seasons, and events to come. This may be the last wetsuit you ever buy.
Xterra finishes the Vortex with a few thoughtful details, including a hook-and-loop collar and some nice aesthetic touches in the form of yellow branding throughout. The zipper, when flipped up, yields to a gentle pull, so you can quickly transition from swim to bike. The X-FLEX liner that's applied to the entire interior of the suit further facilitates natural movement and allows the suit to return to its original, supportive form even during rigorous activity.

Price: $124.99 (68% Off!)
Regularly: $399.95

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