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Your 2021 / 2022 Ski Season Thread


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Jun 30, 2004
South Dartmouth, Ma & Killington, VT
My last Killington opening day SWAG is from November 3 2014. I’m not wild about white ribbon of death with 2,000 of my closest friends and I’ve done enough laps on Rime to last me a lifetime.

My season is in flux at the moment. I thought I was retired and skiing half time at Beaver Creek. I just had a 3rd Zoom interview so that plan is probably in ruins. I booked flights for my first two weeks in January. It’s now wait & see.


Jan 18, 2013
Here's one guy getting VERY stoked for the upcoming season!

The past few years have been quiet (skiing-wise) years for me with the births of three kids and of course the pandemic. I got a few solo trips in here and there, like the blackout storm at Platty and some other great days, but for the most part my trips were local and kid-focused. I have skied some new areas (to me) like Victor Constant at West Point (cool place) and Mt. Peter (crowded but fine for kids). Only really got a couple days in in spring when the pregnant wife could sit outside with the two year old. I was on skis for the first time in 25 years having snowboarded exclusively since the early 90s. I'm a terrible skier but good enough to get the kids down between the legs. Have also been doing a lot of XC / backyard downhill / sledding with the kids. Thankfully we've had some good snow years locally (Westchester). And my kids love being outdoors and spend a ton of time outside in any weather (mandatory!).

This year my oldest is finally eligible for seasonal programs at four years old. My wife and I got season passes to Catamount and he'll be in the kids program every weekend / holiday day we can get there. This is the first time I've had a season pass since probably 2000? Very happy this has coincided with the Schaefers' purchase of the mountain and improvements. They've put a ton of money into the place, new lifts and new terrain, plus new lodge and dining, which helps the family experience and means I can probably drag Grandma along to babysit a couple times. Also, getting three mountains on a pretty inexpensive pass is great. We'll be able to do some overnights and show the kids other hills (Bousquet and BEast).

My two and a half year old will be with me on the magic carpet to start but she's a big kid and always trying to keep up with her older brother so I expect she'll pick it up quick. My eldest "gets it" and can ride the chair and ski well on leash; expecting big improvements this year. I'm hoping to get 20 - 30 days in. 30 days would be great. And, given that I'll be working from home for awhile yet, really hoping to get the snowboard back on and rip it up a few days, maybe even take some solo trips up. One of the best parts about having a pass is that you don't feel guilty not skiing bell to bell. Up for a few laps first thing in the morning, back to pick the kids up from school / daycare is feasible. Stoked!

I always enjoy getting on the board here and skiing vicariously, reading about trips out west and everywhere else. After a couple years basically "off" to rear three kids, I'm truly excited skiing is gonna be a big part of my life again and getting the kids into it is so much fun. Ten years from now I'll be posting my own "road trip through Idaho ski areas with the family" thread. Until then, good luck getting after it and THINK SNOW!

Here's my eldest practicing his yard sale out of the gate:


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Sep 1, 2012
Wash DC area
@Abominable Great Post! Just want to offer some words of encouragement. I can tell already you are going to be a great ski/board dad! My wife and I raised four kids (3 girls, 1 boy) and got them all on snow. They are grown now. The girls ski infrequently and have full lives, but my son is very avid skier and has been a great ski partner for me in my old age. Your efforts will pay off. Your oldest appears to have the attitude to be a GREAT snowrider!


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Mar 1, 2013
first world problems, but i'm a bit bummed that my season is almost certainly going to have less days than my typical seasons for a few reasons, mainly december-centric ones

- we are moving to a new apartment on Wednesday December 8. this basically means the prior weekend of December 4-5 is for packing and making sure we are ready to move house. we're going to jersey city and i have mixed feelings as a lifelong nyc'er. i work in jersey city so i will be a walk to work and i come out with a de facto raise by no longer paying taxes to NYC and NYS, and the apartment and building are amazing, and i get a parking spot so i am no longer a slave to street parking rules. still a bit of a hard pill to swallow;

- then my sister gets married December 10-11, which takes away that weekend of the move to settle in;

- causing a likely weekend of settling into new house on December 17-18;

- my office usually straight up closes from December 24-Jan 1, but this year we are open Dec 27-30, so my typical large December trip is out, as I'm taking lots of days off already for moving and sister wedding shit; and, finally

- we canceled our trip to Nashville due to girlfriend getting covid. she still hasn't seen her family at all, so there's going to be a winter weekend in fucking tennessee.

kind of really bummed that i don't really see myself skiing much in December this year...