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Hi there, I am new to this forum and Australia and I have a lot of questions from the community as well. let's see where it goes.
I just rented my ski house for the winter and bought ski passes for the wife and kids, paid bills and then went to buy ski pass for myself to notice they stopped selling them. Anyone else in this same boat? Can we pool our resources and suit the state or the ski areas or both? Contact me 575-5549
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What in the hell is this post?
Sorry for jumping in but I am just sick and tired of the one sided conversation in that thread.
not at all, appreciate it!
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You shouldn't post videos any more. ;) You are making me so sick, sick, sick. Congrats!
Do you have The Ride and Ski Card? The other day we posted about Pats. They have two tour stops there and I will be skiing there on January 4th. I think you may have mentioned that you have a seasons pass. If you are there, it would be cool to run into another A Zoner. My son is a ski instructor there.

Take care!

No it's really me. End of day, was stopped taking off skis, in front of friend that was tring to take a pic...
Hey, that's me in your Avatar! I am a professional at falling. Want lessons?:popcorn: