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Who do you work for? My company is doing a ton of constrution in Cambridge right now. Microsoft, Charles River labs, Novartis, etc. I am just curious.
Sanofi - new site in Cambridge Crossings
Nope not us but we were susposed to do a bunch o fwork there. I think John Moriaty is doing that work for HYM. I spent a winter on that site a few years back digging a huge hole to remove contaminated soil. Not very fun. LOL Nice location. Lots of food and music in Cambridge.
I've done the spokane to BC thing about 10 times so if there's anything you need to know don't hesitate to ask.
The drive is easy. heading north/south so it doesnt really cross over any mountainous terrain. Rossland is great.
If you find yourself by the airport in spokane for dinner check out the rusted moose.