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    Quote Originally Posted by snowmonster View Post
    Re-upping for the River-Loaf-Loon: convenience from Boston, fast recovery from thaws, Brackett Basin, snowfields, early open, late close, long season, commitment to customers. Plus, the River is the closest I can get to Cheers.
    Very nice.
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    Come Sunday i'll already have 6 days on my '12-'13 Peak Resorts Nor'easter pass!

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    Epic pass. Can't go wrong, so far have 33 uses out of it, hopefully will have dozen more. Maybe next year we will cash in on the Tahoe resorts that are included.

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    K mid-week pass + buy some Vt. passes again. Got 17 days on the pass this year bringing the cost under $28 a day. Not bad but without April this year I won't be getting it under $20 a day like I usually do. Just got rid of my last VT. Pass this morning at cost so I'm good.

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    Most likely getting a K blackout again.

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    Might have a job lined up back East, but thats a 50/50 shot at best right now. If I do it'll be some combination of Burke/Jay/Cannon.

    If not, spouse pass to JHole and a Snow King pass. Snow King has to be the best season pass value out there. 129 bucks for a full season with night skiing and the best view around for the hill climb. Worth it just for the carnage. Not to mention the tree skiing off the top would be some of the best you find on the East Coast.

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    Thinkin of a Mt. Snow midweek pass for next year $399 is a sweet deal


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    4-5 SR Gold passes for next year (depends on my teens plans). All because of the recent snowmaking push haha...

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    11,218 back for next season and only $299 to mid May pass for people who are in their 20s for sugarbush

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