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    dirt bike advice

    Looking to purchase a dirt bike for this summer and had a little "discussion" if you want to call it with the SO. Since I am a total beginner (besides ATV's, which I toured before) we were checking out older Honda CRF 150's. I spoke with a gent from work who just sold his wife's Honda 230 who he describes as the "least aggresive person." Now I'm leaning towards a 230 for a bit more power but it seems I should still be considering the 150.

    Anyone ever been in this situation and can give a bit of advice? I don't want to be left in the dust because I'm on a 150... I'm about 5'5" and I think the concern for the 230 is the size of the bike itself might be a little big for me. Will 150 give me enough power for these mountains? I'm trying to set up some appts with some ads on Craigslist early next week.

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    Didn't know they made 150s and 230s. I always remembers the bikes being 125s and 250s.

    Anyway, growing up I was into MTBg and my younger brother into MotoX. He always had dirtbikes and still does. The 2 stroke 125 he had as a teen / young adult was VERY fast, the 250 he has now is a freakin beast. The 250 also weight much more than the 125, so weight is something you should also consider.

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    the bikes shes looking at sound like 4 strokes. much better for a beginner, or anyone not trying to replace the top end of a motor every season or mix oil. i would go with the 230, especially if your new, the extra power isnt unmanageable, but will help if your not as on top of your shifting game like a mxer. especially with hills, i think youd be surprised how quick anyone would get bored on a 150. a 125 and 250 are 2 strokes, different ballgame altogether, with a completely different powerband and riding style.

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    New bike! First lesson tonight...Success!!

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    sweet. honda 4 strokes will not die. all my riding stuff including bike is sitting in a shed on the east coast. as spring comes in im getting the itch, find myself checking craigslist for cheap ones (bikes that is)

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    Congrats. Is that the 150 or the 230? can't tell from the pic.

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    thanks! it's a 230...i've been practicing up and down our dirt road now for the past week. I love it. need.more.power. jk..not yet. but it has been the perfect bike for me to start on.

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    Can you do a wheelie?

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    Only if I wanted to break my bones ha. I get scared when my back tire skids out. Maybe someday...

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    Nice Congrats! Its nice to see some "motor" love on the forum! I'm on my 8th Dirtbike and I'm only 27! Yikes... Like someone else said, you cannot kill a Honda 4-Stroke, especially an air-cooled one! If you need any advice or technical advice, feel free to PM me!

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