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    Nick - Question

    Are we allowed to discuss politics?

    I keep asking but somebody keeps deleting...

    I just want an answer... Not to have my questions deleted..
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    Politics are still not allowed. The site is not moderated 24/7 and not all political discussions are caught immediately.

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    No, the rules haven't changed. As I said in PM but i'll say it here for everyone's benefit. Generally politics are not allowed. I.e. things like gun control, birth control, abortion, the presidential race, Syria, etc etc etc.

    But there are acceptable gray areas. For example, global warming as it relates to weather that impacts us as skiers. Local politics that directly impact mountains like Cannon or ORDA. Certainly the thread about skiers being considered affluent is a good topic.

    There are areas where it isn't really crystal clear and for those we make a judgement call. Like DHS said, we aren't on all the time so sometimes things aren't caught immediately. If there are questions or concerns I'm always open to PM and discussion on it.

    That's really all that has to be said on this topic.
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